Medical Loans

Feb 20th, 2013Comments Off on Medical Loans

Deductibles are on the rise. Years ago you could have any kind of surgery and be able to pay the hospital bill because the deductibles were very low. Now the insurance companies have raised the deductibles so high that the average person can’t afford any type of elective surgery without borrowing the money to pay for it. Companies will finance surgeries not covered by your insurance policy such as liposuction, hair restoration, vision correction, tummy tucks, breast surgery, gastric bypass and most other surgeries. There are companies that can help you cover the cost when it comes to a medical or dental procedure that exceeds what your insurance covers or that isn’t covered by it at all. There are companies that can work with you to find an unsecured loan to help you pay for your health care needs. An unsecured medical loan is a way for you to fit procedures and other medical and dental treatments into your budget and with no collateral required. They can send a check directly to your doctor or you can make arrangements through your doctor to finance the procedure. Sometimes the doctor has a company that they use to finance procedures or at least what the insurance company doesn’t pay. A secured medical loan is a loan you can get for medical procedures that require you to place your possessions as collateral to secure the loan. Putting up collateral can make the loan approval process faster and may be the only solution for those people who have bad credit. You have to be careful when doing this because if you miss a payment you can have are possession on your collateral as well as a bad credit review.